What the fuck is wrong with the YouTube algorithm?

Toy Channels, Spider-Man & Elsa?

These channels are so fucking weird. They consist of adults acting like children, wearing costumes and…doing odd things.

The Children’s Illuminati are the masterminds behind these weird internet videos. They’re the ones in charge of making videos for children that – at times – are way too awkward to be child-friendly.

The amount of fucking views these videos get…what? Am I so out-of-touch with the youth of today, that I’m weirded out by this? Will the kids that watch these videos grow up, and then watch these videos for nostalgic reasons?

Are they faking views? At first, I thought they were. Outside of YouTube, these channels barely have any fans, the contrast is so insane that the views MUST be fake, and to some extent, I think they are. But I also believe that at least half of the views are real, because you have to consider this: Just because you’re not the target audience, doesn’t mean the content can never appeal to other people. I don’t have any brothers or sisters, I don’t know what kids would watch online. So it’s clear that these videos are genuinely popular, because who’s gonna spend thousands of dollars just to viewbot? Obviously if you spend a lot of money on viewbotting, you get a questionable amount of views, and you generate real views from curious people, but the profit can’t be good enough, and YouTube would have removed these videos if they were viewbotting. You can’t sneak 800,000,000 views on a single video without that video getting removed, it’s just not possible.

Adults are become multi-millionaires from making content for kids, and they use their own kids to make the content more appealing to kids (Ryan’s Toy Reviews wouldn’t work if the main host was a middle-aged man) This post isn’t just aimed at parents who exploit their kids for views on YouTube, this is for all parents who try to shove their kid into the spotlight at a young age, refusing to let the kids live a normal life, and instead, make a lot of money, and all of that money just goes straight to the parents. That’s not to say that all these channels are run by abusive parents, but…they’re still fucking garbage.

There’s so little that can be said about these channels, that the post is less than 500 words long. Watch the video if you want to see a longer version.