There is a brotherhood that’s evil. Filled with evil. They’re a brotherhood unlike any other, because every single member of this brotherhood…is a woman. It’s the Feminazi Brotherhood.


They control the media. They fight for the rights to have things that they already have. They’re born in first-world countries, and dedicate their lives to spewing nonsense, writing unironic blog posts. No, not fucking “pieces” or “formal articles” as they’d call them. Fucking stupid blog posts, which happened to get posted as “articles” on reputable newspapers. Just because articles like these are posted on reputable newspapers, doesn’t mean they’re good.

They have strong ties with billion dollar corporations, and create content on the internet that’s viewed by millions of people. They’re so fucked up that…actually no, that’s not the right word.

They’re so cucked up that they’re wasting their resources on reporting about topics that don’t matter. Bullshit like “Manspreading” and how men need approval to say “hi” to women. And then of course, there’s this video, which has become one of the most significant feminazi videos on the internet. The video is filled with so many stupid comments, that some amazing responses have been made to it, videos that actually have more views than the original video. The video is filled with moronic comments, but this one stood out to me, because I feel that the response videos have ignored yet, yet I think it’s so stupid that it deserves some attention.

This is an actual comment, from a woman who clearly doesn’t understand how human beings work:

“Why do you make women sit around and talk about men in movies, when y’all easily just sit around and talk about boobs for hours”

Ach-hem. Babe. Miss…whatever your name is. I’m going to assume that roughly 50% of the world consists of men, while 50% consists of women. And despite the fact that I haven’t met every single person on the planet, there is one thing I can say: Most men, DO NOT, TALK ABOUT BOOBS, FOR HOURS.

So what, you think men…talk like this?

Man 1: Yo man, what up boy?

Man 2: I’m pretty fucking dapper, boy, but you wanna know what’s even more dapper, boy?

Man 1: What’s that, boy?

Man 2: Boobies, boy. Motherfucking boobies for life, my boy!

Man 1: Sheeeiiittt, I love boobies. I haven’t tasted a nice bit of booby since I sucked my mother off a few days ago, and still trying to develop my mentally retarded brain.

Man 2: Damn son, boobies right!

Man 1: Yeah, boobies!

Man 2: So ummm…how do we talk about boobies for hours? It’s already been a minute and already, I’m bored.

Man 1: Yeah, me too. Umm…bra sizes?


Man 1: I do still need to suck my mom’s boobie, though. I’m special!

And those are just SOME of the feminazis that exist. They aren’t even the worst…the worst is yet to come…the darkest parts of the feminazi brotherhood WILL be exposed soon…but for now, let’s stick to the ones that don’t want to kill white men.

Most of the feminazi brotherhood live on tumblr, and express themselves by stating that presenting women in a sexual way is sexist, even though men have been presented in sexual ways too. They have the right to express themselves, and I have the right to say that their opinions are fucking moronic. It’s the internet: You could’ve been born right out of Jesus Christ’s dickhole, and you’ll still have Christians that think you’re a piece of shit. But I’m just rambling now. The most notable members of the Feminazi Brotherhood include:

LENA DUNHAM: A woman who was raised by an upper-class family, who probably got all the things she ever wanted when she was a kid. But there was one thing she wanted, that she never got. The one thing that a lot of women DO get, yet she never did, and it’s haunted her throughout her entire life: A child to abort. She wanted to get pregnant by accident, just to kill it afterwards, just because she can. From then on, she realised that the only people she could trust in life, were the Feminazi Brotherhood. And now she’s dedicated her life to making nonsensical comments and posting sexually unattractive pictures that I, Gezim of YouTube, will NEVER, EVER, MASTURBATE TO.

Oh by the way, I’m perfectly fine with abortion. It’s not murder until the fetus develops long enough to have a mind, and by that point, an abortion is physically impossible anyway. As long as the couple having the abortions are paying for it, I think its fine. But don’t have a kid, and then have an abortion afterwards, just because you want to embrace your right to do so. It’s an insult to women that can’t have children. Alright, this post has gotten too serious, let’s get back to the nonsense.

ANITA SARKEESIAN: One of the top search results for Anita Sarkeesian is “knowyourmeme.” Her channel is dedicated to talking about things she doesn’t understand, saying that ANY, and let me repeat that, ANY, and let me repeat that one more time, ANYYYY, aspect of a video game about female characters that CAN be interpreted as sexist, SHOULD be interpreted as sexist.

ROSE MCGOWAN: Who the fuck is she, you may be wondering?


She is…

…in fact…

…THE WORST KIND OF FEMINAZI THERE IS. All it takes is a few seconds of watching this interview to realise just how toxic she is.

Isn’t she just lovely? So smart, so objective. Let’s see how she reacted when Donald Trump became the president…

So let me get this straight, Rose…you’re willing to ignore all the information that proves that Hillary Clinton is corrupt, just because she was an “independent woman?” You’re silly. Honestly darling, you’re silly. And in the absurd likelihood that you’re watching this, you’re probably offended because I’m calling you darling. Whatever, bitch.

One of the most relevant feminazis of 2016 that WASN’T a white female was Zarna Joshi. Or Joshi. Who cares, though? Zarna Joshi became famous for accidently starting the “Hugh Mungus” meme. The video itself is so hard to watch from start to finish, so I re-edited the video, trimmed it down, yet somehow, the meaning hasn’t changed. Zarna Joshi couldn’t watch my edit and say I manipulated what happened, because the full video still exposes her for who she is: A Feminazi.